My Story

Growing up, sports and training were a big part of my life.  It wasn't until a car accident and injuries during my first year of college basketball, and later pregnancy, that I really began to appreciate my health.   Through this time, I learned how to properly care for myself so I could be my best, for myself and those that I love.  I know what its like to be injured, pregnant, out of shape, intensively/over training, and have an unhealthy/healthy relationship with food and myself.   Most importantly, I've learned how to persevere and come back stronger than ever.  My main motivation is to educate and empower women with what I've learned along my own journey.


Bailey is a fully certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, and Online Trainer.  She loves adventures with her daughter, hiking, cooking, and creating art.   Bailey lives in British Columbia, Canada.


Contact: baileydagneau@gmail.com