Bailey helps women permanently lose weight without endless workouts and calorie counting!
Her signature Online 90 Day Transformation Program meets you where you are at with your health and fitness, and gives you a simple formula to get you where you want to go.  Easy, quick workouts, delicious nutrition and real results are what sets her programs apart from the others. Bailey works with you 1:1 to support you every step of the way, hold you accountable, and show you how TRULY POWERFUL and CAPABLE you are!
Bailey will create a program that fits your lifestyle and gets you those goals. Check out results below!

"I approached Bailey about a workout plan last fall because I was feeling stuck in my workouts. Bailey was super professional. She provided me with an amazing workout plan that kept my interest and I saw results quickly. Thanks Bailey for all the check-ins during my program and keeping me honest! Honestly Bailey is the best. If you need a personal trainer who is very relatable and cares about her your training needs, Bailey is your gal! Thanks again lovely for giving me a workout plan that kicked my butt but I loved every second of it!!!"

"After 6 years of unprecedented stress, extensive health issues and two beautiful babies I found myself more unfit than I had ever been; and 35lb heavier than I wanted to be. I had tried all of the programs my friends were selling: supplements, diet changes and exercise programs. With no results I was frustrated, confused and had a very unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. That was when I started working with Bailey. Because I do not live in Kamloops it was all via email. It was a very good choice. I am finally seeing the results I was looking for. I have worked with her for 3 months now, my perspective of fitness and nutrition has never been healthier and I am down 14lb and over 10 inches. I feel like I have the tools to continue on by myself."

"I have already noticed a huge difference physically, mentally, and in my lifestyle. I have tried millions of workout plans and they all have the same outcome: burn-out and exhaustion both mentally and physically, however, Bailey's is so different! I have been able to easily adapt it into my day-to-day life with out burning out by the weekend. Don't get me wrong tho, it is an intense workout that pushes your body and muscles within your ability and without strain. I have started to notice definition in muscles that I've never seen before. Bailey is also an incredibly motivating coach. You can tell that she is extremely passionate about what she does and invested in each one of her clients success. I get excited for her workouts everyday and I can't wait to see the long term effects!"

"Bailey designed a program that worked with the equipment I had at home. The information that came in the package gave me a better understanding of how the body works. She was very supportive when I came across an obstacle in my health. She genuinely cares about your health and well being"