Should you take supplements?  That depends on your goals.  The majority of supplements (specifically fitness industry), are going to be a waste of your money, little if no help to you, and most often NOT good for your body.  I will focus on what ones I do recommend, for fitness AND health.

  1.  A quality protein powder if you struggle to get enough protein, I prefer whey when working out – look for no fillers, if you are vegan – Genuine Greens and Sunwarrior are excellent.
  2. Essential Fatty Acid Supplement – Omega-3 from fish, krill or algae oil, this may correct some basic deficiencies caused by a bad diet, help control inflammation and enhance fat loss.
  3. A quality multivitamin to help prevent any deficiencies from diet or training stress.
  4. A greens powder can help people who have just started out to get enough fruit and veggies or those traveling.
  5. A probiotic to improve gut health.
  6. If you are a runner or sweat a lot I highly recommend electrolytes, you need to put back into your body what you take out, Vega makes a great one.
  7. BCAAs can help speed recovery and promote muscle cell repair, and can be helpful if you train fasted.  New research shows that these are not as essential as what once thought.

With any supplements, do your research and choose quality products.  The body adapts very quickly so before you start on something ask yourself if you want to be using this long-term.  Real food and proper nutrition will always be superior to any processed “quick-fix.”

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