One Pan Salmon & Roasted Veggies with Sage Pesto

This is unreal. Seriously, you guys must try this recipe out! It is the most amazing pesto that takes literally two minutes to make shushhhhhhh. Not into those Salmon omegas? No problem, this would easily be incredible on chicken, white fish, prawns, steak, etc. I plan on trying all of those, like I said, its a must do recipe. The roasted veggies are primarily root veggies which gives the meal a heartier feel, perfect for the colder months. You won’t believe how easy this is to put together, and how amazing it tastes! Now for the recipe….

4-6 salmon fillets
1-2 cups of the following, choose according to taste: beets, carrots, sweet potato, yams, baby potatoes, Brussel sprouts, etc.
1-2 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
sea salt and pepper to taste

1 cup fresh sage leaves
1 cup kale
1/3 cup toasted pistachios
1/3 grated parmesan cheese
1/2 cup extra-virvin olive oil
sea salt and red pepper flakes to taste
optional, lemon for garnish

preheat oven to 425’F
Wash, cut, and toss veggies in olive oil, salt and pepper, and place on baking sheet (I like use parchment paper, much easier clean up), and place in oven for approximately 20 minutes.

Combine all ingredients for pesto into food processor or high powered blender until smooth. Remove veggies from oven, place salmon onto the tray, and coat the salmon in the pesto. Bake for an additional 10-20 minutes. Serve with additional pesto and garnish with optional lemon slices. Thats it, enjoy!

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