Macro Tracking

I am often asked if I track my macros.  I do not.  Have I?  Yes.  Do I believe in it for long term?  No.  Tracking has its place – you might be new to fitness and health and therefore, need to track to become aware of what/how much you are eating, or you may have a goal you want to reach.  Tracking macros has its place but I believe is not healthy long term.  Even if you become aware of what macro contents are in foods, you are still constantly thinking about food when weighing, measuring, etc.  Calorie counting is also highly inaccurate, I will do another post on that.  I don’t think it is ideal for anyone to be continually thinking about macros, and no one knows them that well that they don’t need to weigh everything.  You need to find a lifestyle and approach that is sustainable for you!  I know what foods I need to eat to maintain my current state, and what I need to cut out or add in if I wish to lean out or gain.  Don’t just focus on calories, focus on micronutrients (actual nutrients in the food) for optimal health, performance and quality of life.

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