Keep it Tight : Holiday Survival Guide

There is A LOT of parties and tempting situations during the holidays. This Guide is a few simple, yet highly effective, tips & tricks to help you deal. Add these to your game plan, thank me later.

So we all know that protein suppresses your appetite, but equally important is fibre! Before you go out, have a snack of high protein and fibre – ex. Eggs, avocado, almond butter, balanced green smoothie (see previous blog), bran crackers. Fibre expands in your stomach to help you feel full and also helps to smoothly eliminate protein from your body, hello flat stomach!

Next up is that drink(ssssss). For the first drink try a glass of wine with ice or champagne/rose with sparkling water. Have a glass of water for every drink immediately after. If you drink more, try vodka with lemon/limes and sparkling water. Hydration is the key here, so make sure you’re on point prior to going out.

The next day… this can be challenging if you over indulged in the drinks/food, we’ve all been there. I highly recommend taking a B-complex vitamin as alcohol burns them up, to help protect your nervous system. Again, water is a huge one, and if you’re up to it a light sweat and stretch can really improve the situation.

Christmas is an incredible holiday and it should be celebrated. Enjoy those indulgences and make it a priority to get back on track the next day.

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